POW :: Don’t have a lumpsum but thinking of easiest and smartest way to accumulate Gold


Are YOU…

The one who’s in love and wants to gift your girl friend Gold Jewelry on her Birthday or Valentines Day or Friendship day.

The one who’s planing a wedding beyond a year from now and planning to buy Gold Jewelry or Mangalsutra for the love of your life.

The one who’s planning to gift your Mother with a Golden Jewelry Set for her Birthday or Gold Ring Set for Parent’s Anniversary.

The one who wants to plan large Gold Purchase for your Daughter’s Wedding.

The one who’s on the look out for an Auspicious Days to Buy Gold… (As per Hindu calender Click here)

You now have an Unique Plan to achieve the above. While most plans in the market are Gold Savings Plans like Gold ETF & Gold Savings Fund this one is a Gold Accumulation Plan. This revolutionary new plan lets you buy gold conveniently in small amounts, based on a Daily Average Pricing Methodology. The plan makes gold accumulation transparent and straightforward, allowing you to convert accumulated gold grams into coins or jewelry at multiple outlets across India. A product that has won the ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ at the ET NOW Awards for Retail ExcellenceReliance My Gold Plan in association with World Gold Council.

Benefits of Reliance My Gold Plan :

  1. It makes Gold accessible – minimum subscription of Rs.1000 per month translates to accumulation of gold for as low as Rs. 50 per day. No compulsion of Demat account or Mutual Fund KYC Compliance
  2. Disciplined Gold Accumulation – Set up ECS to salary account 
  3. Transform your everyday Savings into Gold – statement of holding on a daily basis detailing the amount of gold accumulated and the purchase price of gold in a transparent manner
  4. Plannning for Special Events or Occassions – plan for any occassion mentioned above
  5. Multiple Payment Modes – Cheque/DD/Pay Order/ECS/Direct Debit
  6. Flexibility to chose a tenure – subscribed for a tenure ranging from 1 year to 15 years
  7. Daily Price Averaging or Cost Averaging Methodology – All subscriptions made will be split into 20 daily purchases thus reducing the risk of timing the markets. More Gold Grams will be credited during falling markets and less during rising markets
  8. Zero Default Risk – Appointment of an Independent trustee to manage the bank accounts in which Customer funds are deposited, ensuring safekeeping of Gold by a Safekeeping agency having insured vaults as per RBI specifications and ensuring delivery of Gold to the end customer
  9. It converts accumulated Gold into Coins – available in Gold Coins of Denominations of 0.5/1/2/5/8/10/20/50/100 grams. Jewelry option also available through empaneled jewelers.
  10. Assured Purity – 24 Carat Gold of 995 fineness or more credited in your account up to 4 decimals
  11. Flexibility in fulfillment modes – Coins and/or bars or Jewelry

Compare Reliance My Gold Plan with other Gold Savings Plans:


If you wish to subscribe fill in the application & call +919322286765 for pick-up.


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