NTH :: SBI to pay Rs. 1 lakh for illegal demand of credit card dues

Press Trust of India | Updated On: October 19, 2013 00:21 (IST) | NDTV Profit


New Delhi: State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest lender has been directed by a consumer forum to pay Rs. 1 lakh to a man, for raising a demand of over Rs. 3 lakh from him towards credit card dues, even though he had not availed the facility.

Delhi resident, Neeraj Oswal in his complaint to the East District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum had contended that despite not having applied for a credit card from SBI, its officials sent a legal notice to him.

He said that the bank initially demanded Rs. 91,743.59 which was later increased to Rs. 3,78,363.

Mr Oswal alleged that despite informing bank that he was not SBI card holder, he received threatening calls from recovery agents. His name was then added to the defaulters list of CIBIL, which resulted in denial of his housing loan from another bank.

Ruling out in the favour of the complainant, the East District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum noted that the bank acted “irresponsibly” by raising the illegal demand and putting the name of the complainant in CIBIL’s defaulters list, which in turn resulted in denial of housing loan to him apart from tarnishing his reputation.

“No amount of money can bring back the injury caused to reputation. It takes years to establish credibility and image in the society. Taking all the facts and circumstances into consideration we award a compensation of Rs. 1,00,000 to the complainant,” a bench presided by N A Zaidi said.

SBI, while admitting its mistake in raising the illegal demand, had sought that the complaint be dismissed as Oswal’s name had been cleared from CIBIL’s list and a no dues certificate had also been issued to him.

The forum has also asked the SBI chairman to take action against the officials responsible for the miseries suffered by the complainant, Neeraj Oswal, and the amount paid as compensation is recovered from their salary.

Source : http://goo.gl/FHo59T

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