Post A Problem

Post A Problem:

We encourage our customers’ and readers to Post A Problem related to Financial Services. Only request is that the ‘problem’ must be generic in nature. We will attempt to offer/find a solution which will not only answer your query/problem but also add value to the other readers & viewers.

* INtegra FinServe does not guarantee assured returns on any investments recommended by it. All investments are subject to market risks and are made at the sole discretion of the investor. Our advice is not meant to be a substitute for other inquiry or investigation or caution that one should undertake or exercise in connection with any decision relating to investments or financial plan. To the fullest extent permitted by law, INtegra FinServe owes no duty to the recipient of advice, whether in contract or in tort or under any statute or otherwise (including in gross negligence) and will not be liable for any direct/indirect damages or losses suffered or costs incurred by the recipient with respect to or in connection with the advisory services.

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