Home Loan

Be smart, for INVESTMENT as objective keep EMI lowest and if its your HOME keep the TENOR shortest!!

If you have an existing Home Loan irrespective of the Bank/HFC, call +919322286765 to demand for Interest Rate of 9.50% p.a.*  OR Consultations in challenging cases like:

  • Low CIBIL score, too many Overdues, Written-off  and Settled accounts on your Credit Information Report
  • Salary from Proprietary or Partnership Firms are not considered for Eligibility calculations
  • Banks usually avoid cases of Non availability of OC- Occupation Certificate (for particular floor/flat) from Municipal Authorities
  • Banks avoid some cases where the past Agreements for Sale of land/property or Development Agreement are Unregistered
  • Certain cases the Name of the Building/Project in OC is different /mismatch from that mentioned in Agreement or even the approved plan
  • Unable to meet the Eligibility (due to income) for the Loan Amount you are looking for
  • You and your Family have chosen a very Old (over 40 years) Property with Low Residual age, resulting in lower repayment tenure as per Banks’ norms
  • Your property is in another city other than your city of residence and office.
  • Your Perquisites including Car Hire Receipts and some Reimbursements to be included to arrive at eligibility

Normal Home Loan Benefits:

§Doorstep service
§Fixed & Floating rate of interest
§Besides Salaried, Self Employed, Professionals & NRI’s, Firms and Companies can also avail
§Balance transfer from other Housing Finance Institutions
§Besides Monthly reducing, Daily reducing balance also available
§Per lac EMI lowest at Rs.885/-
§Maximum repayment tenure upto 30 years.
§Lowest interest rate of 10.10% ONWARDS

Max Gain | Home Overdraft | Smart Home | Home Saver Benefits :

§Doorstep service
§Floating rate of interest
§Besides Salaried, Self Employed, Professionals & NRI’s, Firms and Companies can also avail
§Balance transfer from other Housing Finance Institutions
§Besides Monthly reducing, Daily reducing balance also available
§Transactional capability
§Ability to save approximately 20% – 30% on Interest & Tenure
§Lowest interest rate in market available
§From SBI*

Integra FinServe strongly recommends – SBI MAXGAIN


· An innovative and customer-friendly product enabling the customers to earn optimal yield on their savings by reducing interest burden on Home Loans, with no extra cost.

· The loan is sanctioned as an Overdraft at SBI with added flexibility to operate the Home Loan Account like SB or Current Account. Bank also provides Cheque Book/Net Banking facility for the purpose.

· The product enables customers to park their surplus funds/savings in “SBI Maxgain” (with an option to withdraw whenever required), especially in the wake of low yields on other Deposit/Investment products.

Loan Amount
· Minimum Loan Amount: Rs.5 lacs
Maximum Loan Amount: No Cap

Interest Rate
· SBI charges premium of 0.25% over and above the applicable Home Loan interest rate for Home Loan > Rs.1 crore.

(Other terms and conditions are as applicable to regular Home Loan)

Critical Aspects


We are now empanelled with the following branches of State Bank Of India in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore & Dehradun. This will add convenience for our customers from Central Suburbs, South Mumbai and Western Suburbs to park their Max Gain account at their nearby location:

  • SBI Housing Finance Branch – 11693
  • SBI Borivali West Branch – 00551
  • SBI Kalina Branch – 14914
  • SBI Timber Market Branch, Pune – 15246
  • SBI Manyata Embassy Branch, Bangalore – 13175
  • SBI SME Branch, Dehradun – 04186


  1. Inderjeet

    Good article on home loan rates going up. Thanks – it did help me realise & get my Home Loan rate re-set from my existing Financial Institution & hence have some monthly savings.

    Let the good work continue….


    many thanks to munir sir bcoz of whom i got my loan sanctioned in a very smooth manner ..n his co operation and advice really was on time wenever we needed him…..very honest and trustworthy person….will surely share his contact details wid my frnds …….about jayesh mane he is also very hard working and very focused about his work………n very helpful also……

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