Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity | Martin Luther King, Jr.

Integra Personal Finance Digest:  Ever since the first coins were minted millennia ago, people have been trying to find the best financial advice. In addition to advice from an accredited banker or financial planner or expert about managing money, the articles here will serve you well as you build your net worth.

One of the most basic rule in money management: ‘spend less than you earn, then the need to borrow money should be both temporary and rare‘, can be the toughest to accomplish. The art is not in making money, but in keeping it — as they say. We live in a complex world and knowledge in financial matters is extremely crucial for our financial well-being.

One can have the best of qualifications and even financial education but lack of knowledge is ignorance.

It is our constant endeavor at Integra FinServe, to bring you articles, relevant news, tips, trends, blogs and expert opinions through our Integra Personal Finance Digest.

Integra FinServe is a Financial Services Firm dedicated in offering solutions to complex personal financial issues.

We offer the entire bouquet of products through our Partnership with Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (111840) | HDFC Ltd. (21U74) | ICICI Bank – Mortgages (182872) | ICICI Bank – Personal Loan (208046) | State Bank of India (MUM60132) | Dewan Housing Finance Corporation India Limited (9341) | PNB Housing Finance Limited (7380000343) | Capital First Limited (20909) | Reliance Home Finance Limited (8012724) | Reliance Capital Limited (8012724) | Fullerton India – Personal Loans (PPCMUM53781) | Life Insurance Corporation Of India (52931) |

Products: Home Loan & Mortgage Specialists

Vision Statement:

  • To offer the best possible personal financial solution from the customer’s life goals perspective.
  • To be of genuine help to home buyers in availing Home Loan best suited for him and in his best interest.
  • To guide customers in matters related to credit, loans and credit behavior.

Mission Statement: To disburse 120 loans in FY 16 – 17.


  • Certificate of recommendation in Jan 2015 from SBI Branch Business leader for outstanding work and ZERO NPA.
  • Selected as Exclusive Partner for SBI SME Asset Backed Loans w.e.f. 1st Mar 2014.
  • Awarded for Second Best – Home Loans sales numbers for State Bank of India, Borivali to Talasari on 27th July 2013.
  • Only partner to have been awarded a Recommendation Letter from SBI.
  • The only SBI Channel Partner to be recognized across all Central Processing Centers in Mumbai and Pune Region. 
  • Referral from satisfied clientele – based business model where each client has atleast one aquaintance having experienced our service.

Call or Whatsapp on +919322286765 for FREE consultation


* Integra FinServe does not guarantee assured returns on any investments or sanction of loan products recommended by it.  All investments are subject to market risks and are made at the sole discretion of the investor. Our advice is not meant to be a substitute for other inquiry or investigation or caution that one should undertake or exercise in connection with any decision relating to home loans, mortgage, investments, financial plan or correction/improvement in credit information reports. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Integra FinServe owes no duty to the recipient of advice, whether in contract or in tort or under any statute or otherwise (including in gross negligence) and will not be liable for any direct/indirect damages or losses suffered or costs incurred by the recipient with respect to or in connection with the advisory / consultancy services. Documents provided for availing any of the services are dealt with utmost care and confidentiality but at the sole responsibility of the client. They are submitted to the concerned Bank or Financial Institution. In case of cancellation of services, the documents are shredded immediately. Further more this website / blog is an endeavor to compile articles, news reports, interviews, other relevant pieces of information already available in the public domain.  Integra FinServe has given credit to the respective authors of the articles or content appearing on its website including the source on a best effort basis.  The contents of this Web site (including, without limitation, their arrangement and layout; names and logos; and text, illustrations and artwork) may be the copyrighted property of the original creator of the material and may be protected under applicable copyright and trademark laws. If the reader finds instances of any aberration or offence in use of information may please immediately notify us here.  Web site may contain links to third-party Web sites, which are provided as a convenience to users without making any claim or warranty of, and is not responsible for, any information found in a linked Web site. We encourage you to check the disclaimers and other legal notices provided on such linked sites.



  1. Vishnu Vyas


  2. Vishnu Vyas

    Hey Muneer Thanks to you for all your efforts, without this it would not be possible. As far as funding is concerned satisfied with all your good work. Would recommend to one and all whom i could get opportunities to do the needful.

    Thanks for all your support @Integrafinserve…..

  3. Manoj Chaudhari

    Hi Munir thank u once again for your splendid cooperation in availing car loan. I would like to thank to Prasad also. It was also good efforts from Sbi manager Mr. Milind Rothe. Thanks all hope v will come across again. Would definetly like to recommend to my known personnel who are in need of loan.

  4. Ruby abraham

    How sceptical can one get when one ‘thinks’ of applying for housing loan from sbi ! Well i was dat & much more ! Integrafinserve & Munir changed dat for me ; i handed over my basic documentation to them on d 11th of july 2016 & by 01stAug 2016 my loan agreement papers, this that & the other…everything done !!!! Dats just about 14 work days!!! My effort involved was signing on d dotted line…..Besides, to an ignorant first timer like me, Munir was patient & co-operative & never treated any query was frivolous ; thanks munir ; appreciate d support of your team & you

  5. Vishal Salunkhe

    What can I say for Munir’s efforts and his passion to get the loan disbursed, he made all the steps hassle free.

    From last three years I have been discussing with him to transfer the home loan from other finance institute to SBI Maxgain, but due to lack of some documents we were stuck. Munir also helped/suggested me, how to get those papers.
    Munir and his team also has capabilities to suggest you, what is needed to get the clearance in legal and valuation.
    And when such classic service/assistance is on your doorsteps its awesome, many thanks to Prasad Waje; who has helped me to get the papers to SBI with correct sequence. Prasad also suggested on document front.

    Munir and Prasad are the guys who made it successful and I got the SBI Maxgain Home Loan disbursed within 10-12 days from the day of document submitted.

    I would like to appeal to all readers; who wants to take home loan take assistance/help from Munir and you will defiantly get impressed. Munir K and his team has extraordinary expertise in it.

    I wish Munir and his Integra team all the best for their upcoming assignments.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vishal Salunkhe

  6. Alok Vashishth

    Mr. Munir is providing me and my family, financial advises and services for almost all product related to loan / investment for last 7 years and I endorse his best services in selecting best options which suits to individuals requirements / objective. His advise for both restructuring existing loans / liability or new loan is really valuable / worthy. Due to his valuable advise I could manage to create new assets with same outflow / EMI burden. I strongly recommend Mr. Munir as financial advisor to all who wish to achieve his / her financial goal in short and long term. BEST WISHES TO MR. MUNIR and HIS TEAM…

  7. Nimmi Nair

    I have been very satisfied with my experience with Integra FinServe. Munir Kulavoor could not have been more helpful. It was indeed a great experience in getting my home loan process done through him.
    Everything was done online via email with a few calls in between. Munir made the whole process so easy, smooth with no stress whatsoever. Never imagined the process to be so quick.
    A special mention of Mr. Prasad Waje, his assistant who provided me with complete door to door service so that I’m not inconvenienced in anyway. Absolutely appreciate all the efforts taken by him inorder to make this happen.

    Thank You Munir, for the hassle free and quick service provided. Didn’t think such a wonderful customer service existed in this day and age!

  8. Navinkumar Chougule

    I came across integrafinserve during my home loan transfer to SBI. I really impressed with Mr. MUNIR sincere and professional approach towards services . He has given his 100% for loan transfer procedure, in short period. I definitely recommend his name for this type of services.

  9. Deepak Shetty

    Dealing with Mr.Munir kulavoor was really a surprising experience for me. Never imagined that things would be so simple. Before really shifting my home loan from Kotak to SBI, always thought that SBI requires lots of documentation, tedious paperwork and lot of time. Hence never took a pain to shift my home loan to SBI. One of my office colleague Mr.Suresh pandita and Mr.Alankar Tiwari recommended me to Mr.Munir. things changed for. My loan transfer was arranged within 8 working days. Can you imagine 8 working days????? That too SBI. Grateful to Mr.Munir. way to go Mr.Munir kulavoor. Best of luck. You deserve all the praise.

  10. Pramod Nayak

    Munir was excellent in dealing SBI officers and executive for getting loan sanction early and getting disbursement which helped us in getting our dream house book.

    Thanks for all the efforts u have taken Munir and Integra fin services


    A would like to thanks again Mr.Muneer Ji as well as Mr. Mukesh for all your efforts and hard work.. without your hard work and great efforts it would not happens thanks once again to put your efforts without it it would not easy to get my housing LOAN sanction from HDFC bank .. thanks a lot .. HATS OF GUYS REALY GOOD WORK

  12. Riz

    The loan was a pleasant experience and only because of Muneer. So I got the loan from HDFC, and in the process thing tend to go off track, but Muneer was there to get the things done in time.

  13. Murtuza Kharodawala

    I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience while going through the loan process. I got Munir’s reference from one of my friend and he had already shared a good feedback about Munir, so the benchmark was already set high for Munir. It started of with a casual conversation with Munir asking some basic details and then slowly working towards the loan products. One fact about Munir, he neither makes false claims nor false promises. There were many ups and down in the entire process due to my job change and some documentation requirement from SBI but Munir was always there to guide and provide the required help. Munir has been responsive in answering all my queries (be it on calls, sms, whatsapp, emails, etc). I have called Munir at odd hours (such as post 11 PM) and he has happily answered all my calls. One last thing, which is different from other advisors, Munir has NOT stopped supporting and guiding after the loan disbursement, which happens in most of the cases elsewhere.
    I would also like to thank Prasad Waje as he has also played a key role during the loan process. Prasad has collected documents from me over the weekends and late nights after working hours.
    I would like to once again thank Mr. Kulavoor and Mr. Waje for their great support and showing utmost professionalism in their work. I wish Munir and Prasad a great future and looking forward to carry this strong relationship forward

  14. Swati Shah

    Hi Munir, Thank you for all your efforts to make the process of home loan simpler. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and relative for the kind of work being done by you. Once again, thank you and god bless you,

  15. Nilesh Bhadane

    I got the Munir reference from my friend,
    After first call I got a confidence that this guy will handle the case carefully and till the process end the amount of dedication shows by Munir ans his team is really appreciable, the way he resolve my queries and handle my seller which is actually beyond his scope is really help me to complete the process
    Thanks again
    …Nilesh Bhadane

  16. Suhas Kanse

    It was a pleasure working with Munir. His advise and guidance was very helpful in expediting and streamlining the loan process. Thanks a lot Munir.

  17. Yadvendra Tyagi

    I have known Munir since a long time but this is first time i have utilized professional services from his company..I must admit the entire team has been really helpful with door step service and regular interactions on the phone….I was advised at every step not only till disbursement but even post that…Kudos to team Integra for the fabulous job they are doing

  18. Abhishek Chanda

    It was really a nice experience had with ICICI bank. I would like to thanks ICICI team and special thanks to Mr. Muneer who guided me and put his effort to make the process so easy. He helped me at each and every steps by providing quick response everytime. Thanks Muneer once again for your all efforts.

  19. Bhavik shah

    I would really like to appreciate munir’s efforts for my home loan process. My case was little different and complicated but his knowledge and professional approach helped me a lot to solve all my problems. He guided me in every phase of loan process starting from documentation to disbursement. He is very calm and generous person which makes him the perfect choice for this kind of work. I would really like to recommend Munir for your home loan. He is the right person to contact in case of any loan requirements.
    Thank you very much for all your kind support and guidance.

    Bhavik Shah

  20. Amol Tendulkar

    Excellent assistance by Mr. Munir. Right from advising to disbursement, he provided complete help. Disbursement was done within couple of weeks of application – which was too fast.


    Our dreams comes to true with Excellent assistance by Mr. Munir. Right from advising to disbursement, he provided complete help, for obtaining home loan from SBI. Disbursement was done within couple of weeks of application – which was too fast.

  22. Anupam Saikia

    Thanks a lot Munir for all your help and support while processing my home loan from SBI. It was a pleasure dealing with you right from day one. You were always… to the point, precise and absolutely professional in your approach. Honestly, it gives a lot of comfort when you are dealing with a person like you. You have been able to establish your credibility with such ease and comfort because of your professionalism and your overall cool and calm persona. I wish you all the best in your area of work and look forward to referring you to my friends and relatives who require your services.

  23. Priyesh Pradhan

    Excellent advice and assistance given by Munir. My complete loan process was so smooth, hassle free and fast. Much appreciated work by Munir. I have referred him to my other friends and would suggest others to do so.

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