NTH :: Consumer forum penalises HDFC Bank

HT Correspondent | Hindustan Times Chandigarh, September 29, 2014 | Last Updated: 23:39 IST(29/9/2014)


The District Consumer Disputes Redresssal Forum, Chandigarh, on Monday directed HDFC bank to pay Rs. 25,000 as compensation for deficient services.

In a complaint, Dinesh Batta, a resident of Sector 19, said he had an account with the HDFC bank and was operating a credit card issued by the bank.

He said in June 2013, an unauthorised transaction of Rs. 72,487 was performed using his credit card, following which he informed the bank.

Batta alleged that despite assurance of investigations into the case, no action was taken by the bank. After three months, when he contacted the bank to know the status of the investigation into his complaint, the bank had said his dispute form had been misplaced.

Denying any deficiency of services, HDFC Bank said the transaction was performed by an authorised person.

The bank said it was the duty of the complainant to take sufficient care that the card was not misused.The forum, presided over by PL Ahuja, said on September 24 that “the bank has not produced any copy of the detailed investigation allegedly made by them, in accordance with which, the bank reached at a finding that the disputed transaction was conducted by an authorised person. We are of the view that the omission on the part of bank to take prompt action on the card holder dispute form of the complainant and providing him the information and non-production of its investigation report point out the deficiency in service on the part of bank.”

The forum also directed the bank to pay Rs. 7,500 as litigation charges.

Source : http://goo.gl/wn4Uag

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