NTH :: Pay stamp duty and registration fees online in Maharashtra

Mayur Shetty, TNN Jul 28, 2013, 05.04PM IST | Times of India


MUMBAI: Paying stamp duty and registration fees to the state government has become less cumbersome with the Maharashtra government launching electronic secured bank treasury receipt (eSBTR) — an online payment service which is available round the clock.

Speaking at the launch in Mumbai on Friday, Prithviraj Chavan CM of Maharashtra said that IDBI Bank was the first in the country to be associated with this innovative project adding that other banks will follow suit.

“Maharashtra with Rs 16,000 crore leads all other states in revenue collection through stamp and registration. It is also the richest state in the country in GDP terms ahead of the second state by over 40%. Even during recession the revenue collection through stamp duty and registration witnessed healthy growth,” he said.

With launch of eSTBR the customer can log onto the website of the authorized bank, click the link for payment of stamp duty/registration fees, entering the necessary details and paying the duty through the internet banking account. With the printout of proof of payment for eSBTR for online payment, the customer can walk into the nominated branches of the bank to get the eSBTR. The eSBTR is a receipt of duty (evidencing payment into the government account), printed on Secure Stationery to be issued by the banks. ISP, Nasik has designed such secure stationery with inherent security features for printing of eSBTR.

There is also a facility to make the data entry online and make the payment in bank branches. The eSBTR project was conceived by IGR, Maharashtra, S Chokalingam, about three years ago and implemented with the help of various agencies including IDBI Bank.

“The launch of the eSBTR (Electronic Secure Bank Receipt) today, is another e-governance initiative being taken by the government of Maharashtra for improving the governance structure by leveraging advances in the field of technology. The eSBTR initiative benefits our customers by extending ease of operation and convenience on account of single window payment of stamp duty and registration fee,” said MS Raghavan, CMD, IDBI Bank.

Source : http://goo.gl/yGKp74


  1. sandeshd87

    Its mandatory to eStamp the documents if stamp duty to be paid is above Rs.5000. Franking is not accepted.

    That is what I heard in SBI RACPC when I was waiting there to receive my Loan disbursement DD.

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